Therapeutic Riding:
Mounted lessons, taught by our caring Licensed instructors can have significant impact on core strength, muscle tone and spatial awareness. Horsemanship skills including grooming and saddling, in addition to riding build confidence, mutual trust, respect for others, foster communication and affection and promote emotional growth and empathy. Weekly sessions are based on specific goals fostering progressive results.  Strategies change as riders grow and goals change.

Therapeutic Driving:

Learning to direct a horse while sitting in a cart behind a horse offers another way for those unable to ride to benefit from the equine experience. Horsemanship skills in addition to learning to harness and hook a horse to a cart are components to this exciting riding alternative.  Learning to drive a horse can improve communication, eye/hand coordination, spatial awareness and mutual trust.


Private lessons: 1/2 hour                       45.00

    limited availability

Semi-Private:   1 hour                            40.00 per rider

    (2 riders)

Group: 1 hour                                        35.00 per rider

    (3 riders)

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